Raptor logo

After successful client beta testing, Gemini Systems is proud to announce the arrival of our new customer support portal ‘Raptor’

Raptor has been designed in-house to provide our users with the ability to log support tickets and track ticket progress easily.  This allows us to keep a clear audit of any queries raised and the subsequent actions taken, but give greater transparency of the service provided to our customers.  All calls logged by the support department and all subsequent tickets that are raised are visible in the portal, along with their status and up to date responses from technicians.  All customer raised tickets are also visible with exactly the same detail.

Any queries that would normally be emailed to support@gemini-systems.co.uk should be raised through the portal going forward, although the support email address will continue to operate for a period of time yet. You can of course still call us if you prefer.

Please contact the support department on 01522 698 911 – Option 2 to obtain a portal login.