Product Release Notes

01Sep 2014

The Evolution DMS Update 5, 2014 is now available with the below changes Please contact our support team on +44(0)844 335 3914 to carry out the update. Case Fix/Change 3520  The PRISM feed now uses part numbers directly from the price files(s) to avoid conflicts between Peugeot and Citroen parts. 3768  Fixed an issue where the loan car drop down in the diary showed multiple blank gaps. 3812  Fixed an issue where the system would throw an error if the user attempted to credit a vehicles…[Continue Reading]

01Aug 2014

These are the previous releases (1 to 5) for Evolution DX in 2014 Evolution DX 2014 release 1 Case Fix/Change 2063  Added Exclusion for Location on stock take. 2140  Fixed issue with invocing when parts qty higher than qty1 but not total stock. 2509  Fixed Error when using Ford BCM labour importer. 2513  Fixed order of tyre tread depths on jobsheets. 2689  Fixed intermittant part number clearing in the job diary. 2702  Fixed issue which could stop invoicing of insurance jobs. 3221  Fixed 03/12/1899 date showing…[Continue Reading]

01Jul 2014

These are the previous releases (1 to 4) for Evolution DMS in 2014 Evolution Paradox 2014 release 3 and 4 Case Fix/Change 1109  Parts inventory management interface system (PRIM2/SPEEDER/SPRINT) 2084  Fixed issue where specialist jobs parts would overwrite the first line part rather than adding. 2126  Fixed issue where specialist jobs added to job diary would only add the first part. 2239  Fixed issue where specials jobs overall description of work didn’t transfer to diary bookings. 2301  Ford ESBOL/SARA interfaces have been added to database. 2434  Missing…[Continue Reading]