The Company


Established in 1995, Gemini Systems is dedicated to the production of class-leading software to all franchised and non-franchised car dealers and related motor trade businesses.

Our core philosophy of continual improvement, utilising the latest technologies and engaging often and directly with clients, ensures availability of products and solutions that are second to none in the Motor Industry.

A dedicated team of software developers, implementation/training professionals, qualified accountants and support technicians, provide extensive motor trade skill and experience, ensuring that client investment is fully maximised.

A critical factor for our success is our strong relationship with Manufacturers and suppliers of specialised software, that add significant value when combined with our own DMS product. We recognise that customers have different preferences and requirements and we therefore offer flexibility and choice, in terms of extensive Manufacturers and third party software integration. We believe that working with highly respected and capable partners, offering quality solutions, provides our clients with the best of both worlds to operate a successful motor trade business.

The Evolution DMS product has been installed at over 1000 sites throughout the UK. Our very latest iteration of Evolution is a completely scalable and functionally rich product, used by a range of dealerships from small stand-alone facilities, through to multi-franchise dealer groups and car supermarkets. Offering Live Integrated accounts or integration to Sage Accounts and with advanced integration to Manufacturers and third party vendors, Evolution utilises the latest Microsoft MS SQL Server scalable database management system technology.

Our continual investment in Evolution ensures that we meet the needs of existing and new clients, who require traditional motor trade solutions, as well as advanced Manufacturer and third party integration.

The success of our partnerships with Manufacturers and selected third party vendors fully supports our company vision of ‘Delivering the best value Dealer Management Systems to the automotive industry, harnessing the latest digital technologies to provide dealers with greater profit opportunities’.