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Our real-time integrated eVHC meets the requirements of manufacturers and delivers a competitive advantage for service outlets.

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Evolution's real-time integrated eVHC solution with Video reporting delivers proven incremental revenue, profits and workshop utilisation.

Since its launch in 2010 Gemini Systems eVHC software has matured in to an advanced, dependable, industry leading eVHC solution. A keen focus on usability has ensured that the application is fast and intuitive, allowing technicians to complete the eVHC efficiently.



Overview of the latest changes to the eVHC upsell process, released Q1 2018.



The Gemini eVHC & Video systems are a massive step forward from our old, 3rd-party, eVHC system we used. We find the integration within the DMS and eVHC as a huge time saver and is so easy to work with, I would recommend it without a doubt, if you are running Gemini as your DMS then this is the package you need.

Technicians love using it and our customers find the visual evidence of the defects more trusting, our service advisors are saving time with pricing and converting to job cards and any unsold red or amber items pop up next time the customer is back with us.


Chris Brace, Aftersales Manager - Tarnock Ford.



Overview of Evolution's fully integrated eVHC module with Video Reporting.


Pictures and Videos can be recorded via the tablet and these can presented on a professional landing page for the customer to review.

Real-time integration with the core DMS means that advisors are aware of completed eVHC’s as soon as possible via pop-up. From here the advisor can contact the customer, perform real-time pricing with live parts stock availability and assign authorised work to the current job card. No double entry or re-keying required. 


Predictive reminder dates for deferred work and automated follow ups also mean less administrative overhead and fewer mistakes.


Faster up-selling

Users can up-sell recommended work to customers in real-time as labour lines are automatically generated and the eVHC report can be e-mailed quickly to customers from the up-sell screen, vehicle record or jobsheet.  Tyre tread depth thresholds can be set which automate and standardise Red, Amber and Green warnings for tyres. Franchised dealers can utilise manufacturer menu pricing to up-sell, where available. Photos taken on the tablet are visible within Evolution and can be emailed directly to the customer.


Reduced administration

Screen popping removes the communication overhead (and possible breakdown) between the workshop, service and parts departments.  There is no double entry or re-keying as the system is live and integrated which also means, by utilising Campaign 365, customers can be reminded automatically via SMS, e-mail or letter about any deferred work due, removing the overhead of manual follow-ups. Using tyre tread depths and the vehicle's annual mileage the system creates automated future follow-up dates for tyre replacement. Deferred work is stored and can be added quickly to a future jobsheet or diary booking when the customer returns or re-books. Users are given clear on-screen notifications, ensuring previously identified work is dealt with.


Cost Effective

Our  eVHC solution is a native Android application, meaning there are no additional 3rd party licence costs. There is also no need to buy costly, high end or specialist tablet devices to run it on. You can source your own Android tablets providing they meet the minimum requirements (Available on request)


Complete Integration

The eVHC status is always visible in the Work in Progress screen so users have a complete view of workshop jobs and eVHC’s all in one place.  Completed checks remain part of the jobsheet history and the last eVHC is also visible against the vehicle record allowing both service and sales to view the information directly from the DMS.  There is also detailed graphical reporting which information and breakdowns of performance based on site, advisor and technician.


We have found the new Gemini eVHC systems a real step forward from our old VHC system. As a previous user of autoVHC we have been very impressed with the simplicity of Gemini's eVHC. The new system has proved a lot more efficient for the customer advisors over the old system as having a VHC system which is integrated with your DMS means that you don't have to set up the customers from scratch and estimates can be easily converted into invoices. A real advantage of the system is the integration with Dispatch which automatically generates reminders for amber work and contacts the customers.

Simon Coley- Horderns Motor House

In the latest version of our fully integrated eVHC we've streamlined several areas to increase the speed in which an upsell can be completed.  Below is a video outlining the enhancements. 



An overview of Evolution's fully integrated eVHC solution with Video Reporting