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Campaign 365 harnesses the rich vein of potential in your data to automatically, and intelligently market to your prospects and customers

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Campaign 365 has been designed to simplify and automate all direct marketing, reducing the administration overhead involved in carrying out regular campaigns.

It also includes some clever features to help you stay GDPR compliant.


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Create new campaigns and modify existing ones through intuitive wizards that guide the user through the process. Duplicate existing campaigns for the quick creation of similar campaigns, cutting the time required for new campaign setup.


Specify a date tolerance for campaigns and group them by a type, enabling only 1 letter/email/SMS to be sent for multiple reminder reasons within the tolerated parameters. Combining correspondence for reminders offers significant cost savings and ensures customers are not bombarded with multiple contacts in close proximity. 


Set campaign start and end dates, creating an ‘Offer period’ which allows accurate ROI reporting when the campaign finishes and is automatically archived. Alternatively run one-off campaigns rather than perpetual ones with date triggers and enjoy the same in-depth analysis of the campaign success.

C365 Temp Lib 

An intuitive email editor  and template library allows colour rich content to be used in emailed marketing. Use Campaign 365 to send out monthly newsletters and output to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Receive feedback regarding ‘Likes’ and ‘Re-tweets’ enabling you to tailor your social media postings accordingly.

Campaign stages

Allowing a current view of campaign effectiveness based on several measurements, dependent on department. For example, service department campaigns would show the total number of opportunities identified (Based on the campaign criteria) along with how many of those currently fall in to: 

  • Estimates raised
  • Diary bookings raised
  • Jobsheets raised
  • Invoices raised
  • Remaining identified opportunities

Return on Investment (ROI)

Allowing a view (both historical and current) of the ROI for the campaign. In particular, focusing on key areas such as:

  • Campaign pipeline value
  • Net invoice target value
  • Sold value attributed to the campaign
  • Effectiveness percentages

Pipeline values

These are broken down dependent on department. So for example, in a service based campaign you would see:

  • Estimated opportunity value £
  • Value of estimates £
  • Value of raised bookings £
  • Value of jobsheets £
  • Value of invoices £

Campaign archiving

Allowing a historical view of previously run campaigns and the effectiveness at each point it was run.


Data quality check list

Including lists of vehicles that would fall into the campaign that have no owner and therefore no way to prospect.

Campaign 365 Videos

Below are a some walk-through videos of Campaign 365 explaining some of the main features and benefits.


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The Home Dashboard -

Different Campaign Types -

Creating a Marketing Campaign -

Creating a Reminder -

NEW email editor and template library -

Creating Templates -

Campaign Tools -

Followups and Call Centre -

Groups and Settings -


The below document is designed to help you prepare for the implementation of Campaign 365, if you already have C365 you may find it a useful source for information, ideas and media.


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