Ford Motor Company’s REACT! programme is hugely beneficial to dealers & complements Campaign365‘s proven ability to deliver uplifts in profit & footfall. Some of the key benefits of having REACT! includes the ability to secure CEPA earnings through increased Customer Viewpoint (CVP) questionnaire sends & taking advantage of the free-of-charge national monthly email campaigns (Mega Mailers) to drive footfall & enquiries.

So, what’s the offer? The REACT! interface is already free of charge to Gemini Systems Dealers, however from sign-up to Go Live takes 4-8 weeks to process all of the necessary arrangements with BRF codes & CSDAC, which means potentially missing out on your REACT! earnings.  Therefore Ford have announced that any dealer signing up to REACT! before 31st August 2018 will be eligible for a programme which delivers a rebate based on parts purchases once ‘Parts Plus’ has been deployed in their area! REACT! is a dealer standard as of 1st Jan 2019, by signing up before the deadline you’ll generate some additional revenue for your business.

If you’re interested in signing up to REACT! please call us on 01522 698 911 or Contact Us Here Don’t forget, you’ll also need to sign-up with the REACT! team, see Green Top PS/18/088 for more info.

Gemini Systems supply more Retail Dealers than any other DSP & can offer multiple Ford interfaces, we also have our own eVHC with Video – Find out more HERE