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20Jan 2019

Evolution DMS Release 3 2018 is now available Please contact our support team on +44(0)1522 698 911 or log into the Raptor Support Portal to schedule the update. Log into Raptor Case     Fix/Change 3406    Integrated eVHC : Added the ability to view Parts & Labour types that have no Franchise set against them 5745    Added a “retry” to POLK interface feed 5772    Changes made to the POLK interface to now pick up backdated invoices 6135    Parts Stock Orders – Order Number/Supplier Reference Search…[Continue Reading]

14Jan 2019

Evolution DX Release 5, 2018 is now available Please contact our support team on +44(0)1522 698 911 or log into the Raptor Support Portal to schedule the update. Log into Raptor 6513    Showroom System (EvolSales) user accounts are now merged with Evolution, **during this update a merge/delete/new procedure will be invoked which requires client intervention.** 5324    Email Read/Open/Bounce/Click rates will be available in Campaign365 for emails sent following the update (and after minor config) 6317    The system invoice header will now be included on sales ledger…[Continue Reading]

05Dec 2018

Gemini Systems has witnessed a big shift towards adoption of technology in recent years, with dealers aiming to reduce administration overheads and digitise processes. This shift has largely been driven by tighter margins and a more challenging market, which has made cost-cutting essential for many. The uptake of Gemini Systems’ app-based features, such as eVHC, video, digital service advisor, and technician clocking, was unprecedented in 2017 and 2018, as digitising these processes undoubtedly adds profit opportunities and reduces staffing costs. Another major dealership overhead is…[Continue Reading]

12Sep 2018

We work hard to bring you the latest features and technology in Evolution and its Business Accelerators, so we really want to make sure you are maximising all of our solutions to get that competitive advantage. To help you along the way we created a Videos and Help Documents page on our website and we’ve just updated the page to make even easier to use and find the information you need. They can all be found under the News & Media menu on our website,…[Continue Reading]

28Jul 2018

Gemini Systems represents over 40% of the UK Ford retail dealer network, more than double any other DMS Vendor.  This strong representation has been built on a solid platform of constantly improving and evolving software solutions coupled with a long-term commitment to Ford of Britain to fulfil the needs and requirements of the UK Ford dealer network. Gemini Systems were the first UK DSP to be certified for OWS (One Warranty System) and are REACT! certified. We offer a wide range of interfaces and modules…[Continue Reading]

07May 2018

Your GDPR compliance update for Evolution; what you need to know & how it will affect your business!   What is GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulation is an evolution (no pun intended) of existing data protection rules and regulations. It’s aimed at ensuring businesses become more accountable for their use of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), it also enhances the existing rights of individuals. Over the last 18 months, Gemini Systems have been working with other leading industry suppliers, business leaders and our customers to develop relevant,…[Continue Reading]

09Mar 2018

Gemini Systems have been a supporter of PRIM since 2007, we supported the FCA roadshows when PRIM was first being detailed to dealers and we were one of the first DMS Vendors to gain FCA’s approval. As with all our manufacturer partners, we continue to support and assist FCA with the roll out of PRIM to all new and existing dealers and are continually working with FCA to ensure continued stability and accuracy. For more information on PRIM and the benefits it can bring to your…[Continue Reading]

15Nov 2017

Gemini Systems is delighted to announce that it has received official approval from Skoda UK for its’ Digital Service Advisor (DSA) module. Gemini Systems’ Digital Service Advisor has been available since 2016 and allows a dealer’s service customers to be checked into the dealership digitally using an Android tablet.  Missing customer data can be captured or amended, the jobsheet can be updated and the customer can sign the tablet digitally. All the data that is recorded or updated on the tablet feeds directly into Evolution ensuring customer information…[Continue Reading]

25Nov 2016

Gemini Systems are regarded as a premier provider of DMS solutions to franchised dealers and groups, however what some don’t realise is that we also supply some of the largest Car Supermarkets in the UK. For the 3rd year running more than 30% of the Motor Trader Magazine’s Top 50 Independent Dealers use Gemini Systems for their DMS, including 3 of the top 10 for the last 2 years running! Proving that Evolution isn’t just for franchised dealers and dealer groups. We are delighted and proud that 32% of the UK’s best…[Continue Reading]

28Jun 2016

Several clients of Gemini Systems already choose to operate their DMS in the cloud, whilst others opt to have an on-site server.  One of the benefits of Evolution is that our clients can chose the platform on which they operate….However, as detailed below, there can be significant advantages to being in the cloud. A large proportion of Gemini Systems’ clients have been operating Evolution for many years and in this time they have invested very little in their hardware infrastructure, specifically when it comes to their server capabilities. After 14 years with no substantial updates to their…[Continue Reading]

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